HARMONY art trail

Did you know... The suburbs surrounding The Square Mirrabooka make up one of the most culturally diverse areas in Australia, home to more than 50 different nationalities? Explore the Harmony Art Trail and be inspired by some of the different cultures. Discover the meaning behind each mural, and hear from the artists who created them! Stay tuned for more murals coming soon. 

Harmony MURAL

Located outside the Woolworths entrance, off Chesterfield Road

To celebrate Harmony Week, artist Linzi Carter has painted a series of vibrant Mandalas. Mandalas traditionally embody the philosophy of 'unity' and have been seen and used across many different countries.

the making of a mural

Watch as the Harmony Mural slowly comes to life in this exclusive behind-the-scenes video. Be inspired by the intricate details within each mandala symbol. 


Located outside the Gloria Jeans entrance, off Sudbury Road

Local indigenous artist Jade Dolman of J.D. Penagke has painted a large-scale mural depicting her interpretation of 'Mirrabooka' and incorporating native flowers. Kadidjiny Djet means learning from the flowers

AN interview with the artist 

Learn about Jade's story, what inspired her to start painting, and how her works reflect and celebrate indigenous culture. Plus, discover the meanings behind her mural at The Square Mirrabooka.