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Kadidjiny Djet

During the July School Holidays, local indigenous artist Jade Dolman of J.D. Penagke painted a large-scale mural depicting her intepretation of 'Mirrabooka' and incorporating native flowers. Click here to read an interview with the artist.

Kadidjiny Djet means learning from the flowers. In Indigenous culture, when certain flowers would bloom, it would indicate when specific animals or foods were ready for collection. 

See the mural outside the Gloria Jeans entrance, off Sudbury Road.


Learn more about the native flowers in the mural! Flowers from left to right:

Bulgalla: Firewood banksia, Banksia menziesii

Cujong: Wattle, Acacia saligna

Koorpa: Pea flower, Isotropis cuneifolia

Gungurra: Silver Princess eucalyptus, Eucalyptus caesia

Koorin: Star flower, Calytrix fraseri

Yanget: bulrush, Typha domingensis

Illyarrie: Red capped eucalyptus 

Bulgalla: Firewood banksia flower spike, Banksia menziesii